Zeiss ZX1 Android camera now available for pre-order

Zeiss ZX1 is company's latest Android-powered full-frame camera onto which users can instantly edit files using in-built Adobe Lightroom.

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Zeiss could also be a well-known optics manufacturer based out of Germany. The company announced a singular camera, Zeiss ZX1 two years ago in 2018. The Zeiss ZX1 is exclusive because it’s an Android-powered full-frame camera onto which you’ll edit files using Adobe Lightroom CC. In simpler words, Zeiss ZX1 camera users can instantly shoot, edit, and share files on the go.

Zeiss ZX1 camera appears on an e-commerce website under the ‘Coming Soon’ category

First noted by DPReview, the Zeiss ZX1 appeared on the B&H Photo Video website saying that the new product is ‘Coming Soon’. On the same e-commerce site, the camera is priced for $6,000.00 which is loosely translated as Rs 4,40,000. there’s an option to either ‘Pre-order’ the camera or ‘Add to Wish List’.

As for the specifications, the ZX1 camera features a 37.4-megapixel full-frame image sensor, a tough and fast 35mm F2 lens, an electronic viewfinder, and three dials to manage ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. there is a 4.3-inch touchscreen display which includes a built-in version of Adobe Lightroom. For connectivity, users get Wi-Fi and a USB-C port on the camera.

Zeiss ZX1 camera features a 37.4-megapixel image sensor with a fixed lens

The Zeiss ZX1 was imagined to be out in early 2019 but it’s now in 2020, that we got a logo of it releasing very soon. In an interview with DPReview last year, Elliot Shih, Senior Product Manager of Zeiss said, “Also tons went on within the industry – as background, we’re seeing higher penetration of smartphones with more capable cameras, and people are adapting to use the cameras in their phones. On the other hand, we saw there is a requirement among photographers for more serious photography tools.”

“The rise of the smartphone has had an impact on the aim and shoot market, but there are plenty of advantages and things we’ll learn from such a special world. therefore the thought that came into my mind as – well, if we’re going to make a replacement quite camera, it doesn’t add up to repeat something that’s already on the market – let’s do something new,” said Shih. Thus upon the discharge of Zeiss ZX1, it’ll be worth noticing how easy it’d be to figure the camera.

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