Xiaomi has registered a patent for new smartphone rear camera design

Xiaomi is trying to experiment with its smartphone designs these days and is patenting several new design modules. It has now filed for a new patent which features a detachable camera module.

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Xiaomi is trying to experiment with its smartphone designs lately and is patenting several new design modules. It’s now filed for a replacement patent that features a detachable camera module. According to the report published on WIPO(World property Organization), the new patent by the company reveals a smartphone with a full-display upfront. Where is that the front camera? As mentioned, the smartphone will accompany a detachable rear camera which can be removed and placed on the front.

Xiaomi new design reveals a detachable camera

The design was first spotted by 91Mobiles. A cutout of the photographs shared shows how the smartphone will look if the layout is removed. The front also shows a possible attachment for selfies which hints that the same rear module might be fixed on the front too. There’s still no word or details on how this might be possible but Xiaomi might use magnets to understand it.

The camera layout is in two different shapes one could also be a pill-shaped dual camera while the other one is circular with a cut-out for four sensors. Still, a whole image of a phone with a circular module isn’t available. Interestingly, Xiaomi is not the sole smartphone maker trying to make use of a detachable camera module. In December last year, Oppo patented a uniform tech.

The rear camera will also work as a selfie shooter

Earlier, Xiaomi had registered another patent for a smartphone design with having a pop-up camera with a reflective mirror. There’s a chance that neither of these patents eventually makes it to an ad product. It is a really common practice. But if Xiaomi is in a position thereto, the technology will change the way you click images using smartphones.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi Mobile Software Co has also filed for a patent “a smart glasses and case .” This smart glass can emit therapeutic signals like phototherapy signals. It can also send sound wave signals which are beneficial in treating a few brain diseases, mental diseases, or eye fatigue. Again, Xiaomi is not the sole company to return out with smart glasses. Huawei’s Gentle Monster Smart Glasses are already present within the market.

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