Xiaomi could soon venture into the foldable smartphone market

The evidence of Xiaomi working on a foldable device was found within the MIUI 12 code.

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After leading the budget segment and mid-range segment, Xiaomi could soon venture into the foldable smartphone market. There’s no denying that foldable smartphones are getting a thing with Samsung ruling the roost for now.

Xiaomi could soon launch a foldable smartphone with a 108-megapixel camera 

Xiaomi had earlier unveiled the Mi Mix Alpha, which was an ideal device with a versatile OLED display. While that was only an idea device that didn’t release in India, Xiaomi now has plans to require a plunge within the foldable smartphone market. As per a report in XDA, the evidence of Xiaomi performing on a foldable device was found within MIUI 12 code. The report reveals that the upcoming device was codenamed “Cetus”.

“We’ve examined code within MIUI 12’s latest China Closed Beta for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, and located some more clues for the device and a few of its specifications. Cetus is clearly foldable because the device returns a real value for the tactic called isFlodAbleDevice (likely a misprint, meaning to mean isFoldAbleDevice). There’s a bunch of other code, associated with monitoring the display fold and identifying changes to the folding state, which provides us confidence towards the claim,” the XDA report said.

The new foldable device by Xiaomi will run on MIUI on Android 11

The report further claims that the new foldable device by Xiaomi will run on MIUI on Android 11. In terms of processor, it’ll accompany a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Now what really seemed interesting about the upcoming smartphone is its camera— which might be a 108MP primary camera.

Rumored to return with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series processor and other high-end specifications, the Xiaomi foldable phone will accompany a premium tag. However, this is often not the primary time Xiaomi has hinted at the launch of a foldable device. The corporate has previously teased its foldable concept smartphones. It’s not clear whether Xiaomi will make the “Cetus” official but considering the furor created by foldable smartphones within the market, Xiaomi would definitely consider joining the league.

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