Nokia could be planning Nokia 10 with Google’s Partnership

HMD Global's strategy for Nokia also includes leveraging its partnership with Google to use it as a marketing tool.

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Nokia is probably going to launch the Nokia 9.3 PureView sometime in November and while that’s yet to happen, the primary instance of Nokia 10 has emerged. The Nokia 9 PureView could be getting a successor called Nokia 10 if a freshly leaked internal document from HMD Global is to travel by. The document has revealed some interesting points about what HMD Global wants to try to do with the Nokia brand within the future, and it involves an intimate partnership with Google — to the purpose where Nokia phones become just like Pixel phones, by all means.

HMD Global might be working on a Nokia 10 as Nokia 9 PureView successor

Nokia 10 gets a mere mention within the document, so there’s not much information available about the phone. This includes the planning, hardware, and features that Nokia 10 would likely pack. If we were to assume, the Nokia 10 might be more advanced than the Nokia 9.3 PureView might end up to be. Rumors are rife Nokia 9.3 PureView will have an in-display fingerprint sensor, a Penta-lens camera, and, of course, the pure Android experience.

The most intriguing part of this document is that HMD Global wants to enter the list of the highest three biggest smartphone manufacturers. This has been a primary goal of the corporate for an extended time but at this point, it’s taking a special approach. Nokia is leveraging its partnership with Google to use it as a marketing tool. HMD Global’s key point for Nokia phones is “Pixels for each price category” — meaning you get an equivalent experience on Nokia phones as you’d on a Pixel handset. Undoubtedly, HMD Global has earned Google’s faith to try to do so. Google invested money into HMD Global about two months back. So did Qualcomm, which tells that Snapdragon processors are getting to be more dominant within the Nokia phone series.

HMD Global is also planning the future of the Nokia brand with Google

Another facet that the documents, kind of, reiterated is that no company executive will compare Nokia phones with other brands at any upcoming event. this is often obvious by now. Nokia officials have emphasized how specifications don’t weigh in once they are pitching their phones, which are some things that rivals would otherwise do.

In an interview with India Today Tech, Sanmeet Kochhar, HMD Global’s vice chairman for India, Middle East, and North Africa, said that the corporate wants to sell the Android experience quite the specifications. the interior document merely revisits that thought and tries to instill it within the minds of HMD Global employees.

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