Huawei’s next phone could be a foldable flip phone

Huawei's next phone could be a foldable flip phone similar to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

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Huawei just launched its Mate 40 series smartphones for the worldwide market. The availability and thus the worth of the new Huawei phones are still not known for the Indian market. But just to tell you, Huawei Mate 40 series include three new smartphones -the Mate 40, the Mate 40 Pro, and thus the Mate 40 Pro+.

Huawei’s rumored foldable phone is similar to Galaxy Z Flip

As per some leaks coming in, now Huawei’s next phone could be a foldable flip phone almost like Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. First noted by Tiger Mobiles, the new patent reveals that Huawei is going to include a secondary display on the surface of its clamshell foldable phone. The secondary display on Huawei’s rumored flip phone could be larger in size as compared to the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone that was launched early this year.

Tiger Mobiles reported that Huawei published a patent with the Chinese Patent and Trademark Office Database aka China National property Administration (CNIPA). The rough sketches that are leaked of Huawei’s foldable phone show an outsized display on the surface with two side holes which could be the dual rear cameras.

Huawei’s next phone could be a foldable flip phone

The frame of the foldable phone holds some buttons which can possibly be the number rocker and thus the facility button. The rough sketch of the phone when it isn’t folded doesn’t reveal anything. It simply shows that the phone is binded with a hinge. this might mean that the company will either exclude a front-facing camera or may choose an under-display camera.

If we do believe the most recent leaks, it shows that Huawei is going to come up with a clamshell foldable flip phone. And from a smartphone maker like Huawei, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they have to undertake their hands on a foldable phone now. In any case, companies like Samsung and Motorola have already launched second-gen foldable phones.

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